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The launch of Hydroboil into the UK market in the late 80s revolutionised boiling water delivery in the workplace and brought new levels of efficiency, safety and user satisfaction to commerce, industry and the public sector. Today instant boiling water is firmly established as the workplace norm with Zip the clear market leader.

More recently Zip HydroTap systems have brought further innovation to the market with under counter units providing instant delivery of filtered boiling and chilled water through easily accessible counter mounted taps.

Zip also offers a comprehensive range of top quality, value for money commercial electric water heating products - both vented and unvented - from 5 to 250 litre capacity. This is augmented by a range of instantaneous water heaters and a wide selection of water chillers.

The Zip range is in daily use in tens of thousands of locations throughout the UK including the Houses of Parliament, numerous Blue Chip Companies, Hospitals, Schools, Military Establishments and HM Prisons.

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